Monday, August 26, 2013

Ultrasound today at 5:30!

We are excited to be getting our Ultrasound today!!! This weekend i was feeling much better! My cyst didn't hardly bother me all weekend! Thank you Jesus!!! Thanks sooo much for the prayers <3
Although my mother in law decided to leave her cold here with us.. and im pretty sure I now have the start of a sinus infection =(  ...At least with her cold she is sitting in Mexico next to the Ocean! Poor Aspynn decided to stick her hand by a hot pan while i was making Sunday breakfast, and burned her wrist something terrible! Thank god for essential oils.. It looks pretty yucky right now =( But if we hadn't used some lavender im sure it would be much worse! I had to work all weekend, Dave did not. So he took the girls to their first experience at Tommy Bartletts Exploratory! (Dave has begged to go there since we moved here, its his childhood there) lol..
They had a blast there!!! He showed me many pictures and videos! Ill upload them later =)
As i was sitting in church yesterday i started to remember that God has brought me through so many things this last year. I had been on antidepressants and diagnosed bipolar since age 14. I meet an amazing woman of God, who has been a spiritual mother to me for a few years now. She posed a question to me after I got saved, "Why do you need pills to be "happy"?"... Although i believe some people have a health need to be on antidepressants, in my case.. I couldn't even figure out how to function in life without them. It took over a year for me to muster the courage to get off them. It was a scary choice for me because my husband wasn't on board with my decision and I knew my coping skills would be out of wack. It generally take 6 weeks or so to get all the medication out of your system. The words that rang in my head and still do from Leah are "Be  happy and live in the joy of the lord, its a choice to be happy!" I have days I still struggle to be in a good mood or have to simmer my temper. As of now i have been med free for 8 months! But what a victory for me! I am nervous to be hormonal and pregnant because i know it can more of a struggle to contain my emotions. And that's were I tell myself, I WILL pray when i am struggling, I will ask for prayer, and I will be thankful to Jesus for all he has done to allow me to live in joy!
I know all that's a bit of subject, but look at how Good God is!?! Just when I want to sulk or feel sorry for myself, i remind myself that I will be thankful for all the blessings he has given me ( and you!!)! I have had a few incidents pop up recently also that at first I wanted to be angry with someone for doing me wrong, or for them being malicious .. It was difficult for me at first but I prayed right then and there and told myself, The lord has shown me grace so many times, even when i didn't deserve it! I made the choice to show those people grace and forgive them right then and there. I know that if I show them grace, forgiveness, and love then just maybe it will help them know Jesus better or let him shine through me!
I also just need to say I believe with all my heart that through this pregnancy and the blessings God has in store for my family, we will Glorify all that he has done for us! I have obviously to much on my mind today, haha.... but anyhow, thanks for your continued prayers and support to our family! If there's prayer you need from us, please let us know! Id love to return prayer to your family!<3 Tonight we will let you all know how our appt went!!! God Bless! <3 Abbie

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