Monday, August 26, 2013

So we had our appointment Today at 5:30, but before that we enjoyed a free day at the world famous Circus in Baraboo! It was a blast to watch and wish we could of stayed longer, the girls lovedddd it, i did, until a random squirrel got lost in the bleachers and literally jumped by my feet and scratched my leg... freaky! And it was veryyy miserable hot out... 
We made it to our appt a few mins late but As of now he sees one baby in one sac, But still NO heartbeat (prob to early still) The ovarian Cyst is still there, but not growing!=) He believes right now, that the other "sacs" are "probably" now old tissue, (bc he cant see anything in the "sacs" and they look layered (which indicates blood?... He believes for now, its from my body possibly
 getting rid of whats not "viable" or needed?.. not real positive. He does expect i may bleed from my body trying to pass them.. So as of now we are still happy there is def A BABY growing! But we will still be keeping a good eye on everything with the pregnancy as of now. We have another ultrasound next Thursday evening. So by Thursday night we should see(hopefully) a beating heart! My hcg numbers are still rising well! So we believe there's going to be at least one blessing for us  I will admit i was very excited for Twins... but i believe god is providing the perfect child meet for our family!~ Thanks for your continued prayers! 

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